The customer comes first

Our mission is to provide our customers with quality service. Our commitment in compliance with quality standards and the constant search for new production control techniques has prompted us to have a quality manager who makes use of qualified personnel who are always up to date on quality requirements, with the aim of ensuring the maximum conformity of the products we produce.


Our attention is also directed to collaborators, called to participate in refresher courses and periodic meetings with the aim of creating more and more a professional and united team every day; we believe this is essential to be able to work with ever greater efficiency and satisfaction. This allows us to make ourselves available to our customers as a functional and dynamic supplier, equipped with professional figures with experience and great motivation.


A company that looks to the future

Founded in 2012, PRINTINGPACK s.r.l. it is a young and dynamic company that pays great attention to the sustainability and quality of the finished product.

We work the paper with care and responsibility: our approach has allowed us to achieve FSC certification and ISO 9001 system certification

Process management and numerous in-line controls ensure high quality products

The dynamism and versatility of our company allow us to offer different packaging solutions and to offer ourselves as the only point of contact to reduce costs and guarantee a complete service.

We believe in guaranteeing the customer a desirable result in terms of costs and quality, being able to offer the solution tailored to his needs and expectations, ranging from large to small productions.

The wide degree of customization and our creative approach for the solutions offered to customers in terms of packaging, allow us to provide an exclusive product, differentiable from competitors and above all made with extreme attention to the environment and the materials used, always thinking of the entire life cycle of the packaging.

Our attention is also directed to the training of our collaborators: we believe that the active involvement of our professionals and the constant desire for improvement are the prerequisites for achieving the goals we set ourselves. Teamwork, tenacity and dedication allow us to achieve fixed results in terms of quality, service and green emissions.

We are in fact certified as a zero-emission company, thanks to the supply of energy from renewable resources, ETRURIA ENERGIA

A path that started from afar

PRINTINGPACK s.r.l. was born in June 2012 from the fusion of different realities with twenty years of experience in the graphic, paper converting and printing sector. Competence, technical preparation and professionalism make our company a point of reference for the most demanding customers in our sector.

Located in Sambuca Val di Pesa in the industrial area of ​​Tavarnelle, in the hills of Chianti Fiorentino, we carry out our work with the passion and desire to improve day after day, to expand and satisfy the needs of an increasingly demanding and diversified market.

Our continuously growing company has adhered to the highest quality standards to offer customers the maximum in terms of quality, professionalism and reduced time, maintaining moderate and competitive prices despite the various increases in raw materials.


2017 New factory

We have acquired a new 1000 m2 factory entirely dedicated to printing, where we deal with the production of primary and secondary packaging in separate environments and where the graphic and prepress office has also been moved.


2018 Press office expansion

Expansion and new printing production plant with dedicated primary packaging printing department under HACCP plan control to guarantee good MOCA manufacturing standards.


2019 Purchase new Folder-gluer


Thanks to Primatech s.r.l. we have chosen SBL as the new folding-gluing machine, equipped with the anti-mixing system and HHS glue control; the new machinery has allowed us to improve the quality and production performance.

Tecnology and method, at your service

Equipped with an extremely flexible structure, it adopts standards in line with the needs of the most demanding companies to provide high quality products.

UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015 certified, we ensure compliance with efficiency through multiple control and testing operations (of product and process), from starting printing to statistical sampling during processing.

Customer care is also reflected in strict hygiene requirements; in particular, as regards primary packaging, where the company has complied with current regulations such as an HACCP Self-Control Plan.

This is how PRINTINGPACK s.r.l., through the synergy established between quality processes, guarantees the complete traceability of its products by ultimately releasing a declaration of conformity.

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A motivated and united professional team is essential to be able to work

with efficiency and satisfaction!

The essential resources for our company are our collaborators who work every day with commitment, passion and professionalism.

To offer our customers a service with high quality standards, our collaborators participate in frequent refresher courses, periodic meetings within the work teams with the aim of creating cohesion and synergy for efficient and above all satisfactory results.



Administrative office

quality control office

commercial office

Graphic office & press

Marino Vieri


Silvio Del Bono (manager)

martina manetti

anusha ilandari dewa

Sara Corti (manager)

giuditta taddei
Daniela Mori

Our values

Seriousness, passion, enthusiasm and attention to environmental sustainability guide our daily work: we focus in particular on professionalism, the constant desire to improve and the satisfaction of our team to make the quality of our products excellent.